Instalco launches new website

As part of Instalco's new brand strategy, the group is now opening a new web platform at The new platform aims to strengthen the communication with Instalco's main target audiences; customers, entrepreneurs, employees and investors.

Among the news on the web platform is Instalco Play as well as extensive material on sustainability and the opportunity to become part of Instalco - as an employee or entrepreneur.

“The new is an updated and modern platform for our external communication. The new web platform is the start of our extensive brand strategy work and a preparation for Instalco's 10th anniversary in 2024,” says Fredrik Trahn, Head of Communications at Instalco.

The next step on Instalco's brand strategy agenda is to support the subsidiaries in the work to also update their websites using the new platform – for a more modern visual expression and improved performance.

“Our business concept is strong and stands firm. Now we highlight its strengths more clearly: Project planning and installation in electricity, plumbing, ventilation, industry and technical consulting,” says Fredrik Trahn.

Instalco's vision: We enable our companies, employees and customers to grow by collaborating on installations for transition to a green society for the next generation. We are the most competent and efficient partner for our customers.

150+ local businesses  in Sweden, Norway and Finland