ustaf Larsson Ehrenfelt, Per Westberg, Stefan Langeville, Mikael Westberg and Klas Larsson.

Instalco now established in Norrköping

Instalco has acquired FTX Teknik & Service AB and is thereby now established in Norrköping. FTX provides installation and service of ventilation, heating & cooling systems.

It has around 30 employees and primarily serves customers in Norrköping and the rest of Östergötland County. For the 2019 business year, sales were approximately SEK 45 million.

“FTX is a well-run company that fits nicely with the Instalco culture. It will be an excellent supplement to our electrical installation companies in Östergötland (Vallacom, APC and MSI),” says Klas Larsson, Business Area Manager for Instalco West.

FTX is specialised in technical installations and services, primarily at public premises, factories, and industrial facilities. Most of its operations consist of ventilation, heating & cooling solutions but it also works with electrical/telecommunication/computer installations and, to a certain extent, gas filtration. The company was established in 2008 and it is owned by Per Westberg and Stefan Langeville..

“Joining Instalco provides us with the opportunity to take the next steps in FTX’s journey. As part of the Instalco Group, we will be able to develop the company and our employees in a variety of ways,” says Mikael Westberg, CEO of FTX.

Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in FTX Teknik & Service AB as 8 July 2020.

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