Instalco project for exercise, activity and health in Uppsala

Recently, Uppsala’s new indoor centre for climbing and parkour opened. The Instalco companies, VVS Installatör and DALAB were contracted for much of the installation work at the new activity centre.

“It feels great to be a part of something that helps people become more active and healthy,” says Kjell Jonsson, CEO at VVS Installatör.

DALAB and VVS Installatör adapted the original building for its new purpose by offering project planning and installation of electrical systems, water, heating and plumbing via a partnership project. The new activity centre at Fyrislund in Uppsala is run by Klättercentret and Katana Parkour.

Klättercentret is Sweden’s largest indoor climbing company, with activity centres at five locations in Sweden. Katana parkour is an activity centre for movement and body control where athletes negotiate obstacles by running, jumping and climbing.

“It’s an impressive facility that offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. For DALAB, this was also one of the first assignments taken on by our new electrical installation department,” says Mikael Lindqvist, Head of Department at DALAB-El.

Busfabriken (indoor play for small children) will also soon set up operations at the premises. Busfabriken currently operates 7 indoor playgrounds in Sweden and it is Europe’s largest indoor playground for children, offering climbing structures, swinging bridges, trampolines, slides and ball pits.

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