The new vision was presented by CEO Robin Boheman in an internal digital vision conference Studio Instalco.

Instalco sets its sights on 2027

Instalco is setting its sights on the future with the launch today of its new vision. At the same time, Instalco is taking this opportunity to adapt its leadership organisation so that it is able to work in the most optimal way towards achieving the new vision.

The work of formulating the new vision has been an interactive process within the Group that has been ongoing throughout 2022. In parallel with that, the activity plan through 2027 has also been formulated.

Instalco’s new vision is this:

“We enable our companies, employees and customers to grow by collaborating on installations for the transition to a green society for the next generation. We are the most competent and effective installation partner for our customers.”

“We are sharpening our vision and taking the next steps towards the future by gearing up for our continued growth journey. A clear and challenging vision is important for all of our employees and it strengthens our attractiveness. Our decentralised business model with local entrepreneurship still lies at the foundation however,” says Robin Boheman, President and CEO of Instalco.

In order to work in the most effective way with the new vision, Instalco’s management team looks as follows.

Robin Boheman, CEO
Christina Kassberg, CFO
Fredrik Trahn, Communications and Sustainability
Gustaf Larsson Ernefelt, Acquisitions
Johan Larsson, Division North
Patrik Persson, Division South
Peter Hjerpe, Division Middle
Roger Aksnes, Division Norway
Anders Lundin, Division Technical Consulting

Instalco is also fortifying the organisation by adding several new positions and recruitments with the areas of responsibility:

Jonas Björk, Business Area Industrial (previously Business Area Manager Instalco AO North)
Peter Hermansson, Business Area North (previously department head Bravida)
Anders Kallin, Business Area Stockholm (previously CEO of the Instalco subsidiary, App Start-Up)

Changes will be implemented successively during the winter and spring of 2023.

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