Robin Boheman, CFO and Anders Lundin, business area manager Instalco Technical Consulting.

Instalco sets up new business area in Technical Consulting

Instalco is now formally setting up its new business area, Technical Consulting. The Instalco subsidiary, Intec, will be a key part of this and Anders Lundin joins Instalco’s team of senior executives in the role of Business Area Manager for Technical Consulting.

Activities to set up the new business area got underway during the fall and Instalco now has around one hundred technical consultants established and working with this. Intec primarily works on assignments from external customers, but it also offers its expertise to other companies within the Instalco Group.

“In order to be able to offer customers the most sustainable and energy-efficient installation solutions, Instalco will now be offering project planning and design. With our own technical consultants, we will be able to get involved at an even earlier stage and offer a wider range of products and services to even more customers,” says Per Sjöstrand, CEO of Instalco.

Technical Consulting will become a new discipline within Instalco and its own separate business area, headed by Anders Lundin. Anders has extensive experience in the sector, most recently having worked at AFRY as Business Area Manager.

Intec established in nine cities
Instalco’s subsidiary, Intec, will play a key role in all of this. The company was set up based on Instalco’s start-up model, with Anders Lundin in the role of CEO. During the fall, INTEC was building up its organization and it currently has offices established in Falun, Borlänge, Avesta, Västerås, Norrköping, Örebro, Eskilstuna, Karlstad and Borås.

“Here, we see great potential to develop the installation and construction sector by integrating project planning with technical execution and management. Our goal with Intec is to offer a full range of installation consulting services throughout the Nordic region,” says Anders Lundin.

Intec’s technical consultants have engineering degrees that cover the following areas: electrical, heating & plumbing, ventilation, energy, industrial and fire protection. The core business is project planning and design. However, Intec offers a range of other services including inspection, coordination of installation work, environmental coordination, risk management, cost estimates and surveys.

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