The hospital comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of new construction. Illustration: Region Västmanland/LINK arkitektur/Carlstetds Arkitekter/TMRW.

Instalco signs joint project for Region Västmanlands’ new emergency hospital in Västerås

Three Instalco companies have been awarded a joint assignment regarding project design for Västerås’ new emergency hospital.

In August of 2021, NCC and Region Västmanland agreed to build Västerås’ new emergency hospital through partnering. The work of project design is now underway to produce a detailed plan for what is to be built.

The Instalco companies Instair and Sprinklerbolaget, in close collaboration with Instalco’s technical consultant Intec, work through partnering with the project design for ventilation and sprinklers, which is expected to continue until spring 2024.

“The new hospital in Västerås will have large areas that need ventilation and active fire protection. We are proud that we, through three Instalco companies, can offer NCC and Region Västmanland an efficient project design approach. Together, we have extensive experience of successful assignments in both hospitals and partnering projects,” says Anders Lundin Head of Division of Instalco Technical Consulting.

The hospital comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of new construction to meet the future care needs in Västmanland, and is the biggest project ever for the three Instalco companies in terms of physical size.

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