Roger Aksnes, Ivar Snøve, Tore Snøve and Jan Helge Taftø.

Instalco strengthens its presence in central Norway

Instalco is acquiring two companies, URD Klima Oppdal AS and URD Klima Service Oppdal AS, thereby strengthening its presence in central Norway. Both companies work with ventilation, heating, and cooling systems.

The URD Klima companies, domiciled south of Trondheim in Oppdal, together have 28 employees and combined sales of approximately NOK 45 million.

“The acquisition of the URD Klima companies is strategically important to us, since it strengthens our position in the regions of Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal and Innlandet of central Norway, which is an area that is important to us,” says Roger Aksnes, Business Area Manager for Instalco Norway.

The URD Klima companies have a geographical location that makes a collaboration with the Instalco companies Teknisk Ventilasjon in Trondheim and Haug og Ruud VVS in Lillehammer natural.

URD Klima Oppdal was founded in 1999 and it is focused on design and installation of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Its sister company, URD Klima Service Oppdal, is focused on installations, service and maintenance of heat pumps, ventilation, and cooling systems.

“We are delighted to be joining Instalco and excited about the opportunities that are offered within the Group and growing business area in Norway,” says Ivar Snøve, founder of URD Klima Oppdal.

Instalco will acquire 100 percent of the shares in URD Klima Oppdal AS and URD Klima Service Oppdal AS as of 14 September.

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