Instalco Sustainability Report

Each day, throughout the Nordic region, we design and install electrical, heating & plumbing, ventilation and cooling solutions at properties and plants. Our climate-smart installations lower energy and resource consumption to help future-proof society. Our installations benefit schools & preschools, hospitals, nursing homes and other critical public services, helping them function optimally, every day, year round.

At Instalco, sustainability means running operations responsibly and applying a holistic approach to the economic, environmental and social aspects. We strive to, each day, contribute to a sustainable world through our local presence and by offering technical, efficient solutions in all disciplines. Providing safe, sustainable installations that help generate benefits to society is a high priority for us. We also put much emphasis on having a safe, stimulating work environment. Each day, in collaboration with customers and employees, Instalco generates benefits to society. We offer world-class, sustainable heating & plumbing, electrical, ventilation, cooling and industrial installations along with technical consulting.

We are always striving to help our customers lower their environ mental impact via lower water and energy consumption and through higher environmental awareness. Property owners of both newly constructed and older buildings are currently focusing more on investments in energy-efficient installations aimed at lowering operating costs and meeting the ever-increasing sustainability demands of the market and customers.

We want to create a sustainable society by contributing what we know best. For example, we design and install photovoltaic systems and more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly heat pumps, geothermal heating systems, heat exchangers, LED lighting, charging stations and sprinkler systems. We also take part in a variety of air and water purification projects.

Read the full Instalco Sustainability Report which is part of the Annual Report 2020.

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