Instalco will collaborate on construction of a school in Bergen

The Instalco companies, FN Elektro & Ventilasjon and Grevstad & Tvedt VVS are collaborating on an assignment to renovate and expand Askøy High School, which is located in northern Bergen. They will be responsible for the design and installation of the electrical, heating & plumbing and ventilation systems.

The project has an estimated total order value of NOK 100 million for Instalco.

Askøy High School is being expanded and renovated, with new construction in solid timber. Instalco will deliver the complete electrical systems, solar panels, air treatment & cooling solutions, a heating system that will collect geothermal heat from energy wells, and the water & sewage systems.

Once completed, the school will go from its current 4,200 sq. m. to 18,500 sq. m, with capacity for nearly 1,000 students. The contractor is Constructa Entreprenør AS and the end customer is Vestland Municipality.

“Instalco has been closely collaborating with Constructa Entreprenør for quite some time and this is an excellent example of how partnering projects between the customer and our Instalco companies work. We are very proud to be a part of it all and helping make Bergen an even better place to live, which is exactly what this school project will do,” says Roger Aksnes, Head of Division for Instalco Norway.

The project got underway in 2021, but modifications and extras have now been added for the two Instalco companies involved. It is scheduled for completion in 2024. The goal is to certify the project as a Sustainable Instalco Project and obtain a BREEAM rating of Excellent.

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