Nyköpings hospital. Illustration: NCC/Carlstedt Ark.

Instalco wins 700 MSEK assignment for work at hospital on behalf of NCC and Region Sörmland

The Instalco companies, Rörgruppen and Ohmegi have won an assignment from NCC for the electrical, heating & plumbing installations in conjunction with the expansion of three hospitals in Södermanland. The work will be carried out as part of a collaboration project and the total order value is approximately SEK 700 million during the period 2020-2026.

Rörgruppen and Ohmegi will also engage the following Instalco subsidiaries as subcontractors: El & Säkerhet, JN El, Sprinklerbolaget and LG Contracting.

“Instalco, with the accumulated expertise of its many subsidiaries, has extensive experience in advanced technical installations associated with construction work at hospitals. We’ve been planning for this assignment for quite some time and are proud to be working in collaboration with NCC, a company with whom we have strong, long-term ties,” says Göran Johnsson, CEO at Rörgruppen and head of the Instalco project in Södermanland.

NCC and Region Sörmland had previously reached an agreement to renovate and expand the following three hospitals: Mälarsjukhuset in Eskilstuna, Kullbergska Hospital in Katrineholm and Nyköping Lasarett. The name of the project is “Framtidens sjukhus”, which means Hospital of the Future.

Six of Instalco’s subsidiaries have now been engaged for all of electrical, heating & plumbing installations at the three hospitals. Rörgruppen and Ohmegi have collaborated on many projects in the past, including expansion of Södersjukhuset, which is one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm.

This assignment strengthens Instalco’s position as a leader in electrical, heating & plumbing installations for hospital construction projects in Sweden.

At the hospital in Eskilstuna, which is the most comprehensive component of the project, some of the old facilities will be demolished, others will be modernised, and some new facilities will also be built. New construction and modernisation will also occur at the hospitals in Katrineholm and Nyköping.

Building and renovating hospitals is a sustainable investment. The new, state-of-the-art hospital facilities will have significantly lower energy consumption, a more efficient operating economy and a better environment for employees and patients.

Instalco has already begun some of the installation work and the assignment is expected to be completed during 2026.

NCC has been contracted by Region Sörmland for one of the county’s largest construction projects to date. It will generate many jobs and help create growth in the region.

Region Sörmland is investing in care for the future.

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