Gällivare new riding center. Illustration: Gällivare kommun.

Instalco wins a comprehensive assignment at the new Gällivare riding facility

The Instalco company, MRM Mining AB has been engaged by Gällivare Municipality for construction of the municipality’s new riding center. Another Instalco company, EPS Sweden, is a subcontractor for the project, which has a total order value of approximately SEK 85 million for Instalco.

“With this assignment, we are looking forward to being a part of helping to make Gällivare an even more attractive place to live and work. The work will require very careful planning to ensure delivery of the highest quality, particularly since some of it will be done during wintertime, in an Arctic climate,” says Frida Larsson, CEO of MRM Mining.

Gällivare Municipality, MRM Mining, the project coordinator and the local riding club are now engaged in the design and planning phase. Construction of the stable, riding school and staff areas will then be done in stages. The building itself is a steel and concrete design, covered in wainscoting. Instalco is also responsible for the electrical, heating & plumbing and ventilation installations as part of the project.

“The old riding facility is located right next to the site where the new center will be built. There are many horses there and people coming and going all the time, which requires us to take extra care with keeping the work site protected and safe. We are happy to have been entrusted with this very important assignment and look forward to collaborating with Gällivare Municipality on it,” says Frida Larsson, CEO of MRM Mining AB.

The project will get underway in May 2023 and it is expected to be completed during summer 2024.

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