Instalco wins assignment at hotel renovation

The Instalco companies, Rörgruppen AB and Ohmegi Elektro AB, have won a joint assignment for installation of the heating/plumbing and electrical installations associated with major renovation work at Scandic Ariadne Hotel, which is located near the Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal in Stockholm. The combined order value for Instalco is SEK 62 million.

Built in 1989, Scandic Ariadne is now in great need of renovation, which is already underway. The project is part of the revival of the city district, Värtahamnen.

The two Instalco companies involved in the project will be responsible for all of the electrical, lighting, computer network, fire alarm and pipe installations, as well as some of the design and planning work. The client is Novogruppen, which is the main contractor for the project. The property owner is Niam. The assignment is being run as a partnering project.

One of the focus areas of the project is reuse and recycling.

“The property owner would like to have as much reuse and recycling at the building as possible, which is becoming increasingly common in projects like these. There are many things that will be saved, renovated and recycled there,” says Rasmus Solberg, Project Manager at Ohmegi.

“We have a great deal of expertise and experience on assignments like these, where Rörgruppen and Ohmegi have collaborated.  One of the major challenges here is the short timeline and making sure that we can fit all of our installations in the existing shafts and other spaces,” says Göran Johnsson, Senior Advisor at Rörgruppen.

The goal is to certify the project as a Sustainable Instalco Project.


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