Instalco wins assignment at Västervik Hospital

The Instalco company, Ventpartner, has signed an agreement with Skanska for the ventilation work in conjunction with construction of a new building for specialist psychiatry at Västervik Hospital. It is a partnering project involving Skanska, Region Kalmar and other partners.

The assignment for Ventpartner has an order value of around SEK 47 million, including the design and planning that has been done. It will house premises for forensic psychiatry, round-the-clock care and open adult psychiatry. The building size will be approximately 24,500 sq. m. and it will have 6 floors.

“Being a part of this project will be very fun. We’re excited about working with the other skilled, dedicated partners involved in the project group to construct a functional building that will contain the very latest technological solutions and equipment. It is a complex building situated right in the middle of the hospital grounds. Given its location, there are also significant logistics challenges having to do with the flow of traffic in that area, which we will need to solve,” Viktor Rinaldo, Project Manager at Ventpartner.

This is a partnering project that will require close collaboration between all of the parties involved, with the shared goal of creating the very best care facilities for leading-edge specialist psychiatry.

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