Illustration: Akademiska Hus.

Instalco wins assignment from University of Gothenburg

The Instalco company, Elektro-Centralen, has won an assignment for work at a new building that is being constructed at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law. Elektro-Centralen will be responsible for the electrical installations as part of a partnering project with Akademiska Hus and Serneke.

The new building will be 10,800 sq. m. and the order value for Elektro-Centralen is approximately SEK 35 million.

“It feels both fun and exciting to a part of developing the new School of Business, Economics and Law. Akademiska Hus puts much focus on sustainability and the environment, with high requirement levels. Being a part of phase 1 of the process has been incredibly inspiring. We are very happy that the outcome has been an order for the construction,” says Joakim Jörenius, Head of Marketing at Elektro-Centralen.

There are approximately 450 employees at the School of Business, Economics and Law, with around 8,000 students. Modern offices and classrooms are needed for the school to both expand and gather its activities.

The new building will have eight floors with premises for classrooms, offices, student workstations, mechanical rooms and service. It will be built adjacent to the School’s other premises.


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