Illustration: Veidekke

Instalco wins assignment with Veidekke and Oslobygg

The Instalco company, Romerike Elektro AS has entered into an agreement as general contractor for the electrical installations in conjunction with the construction of a new school in Oslo. The assignment is with Veidekke Entreprenør AS and Oslobygg KF for a total contract value of approximately NOK 120 million.

The work involves design and installation of the electrical and alarm/lock systems at a new primary school and preschool that will be constructed in eastern Oslo (Økern Skole).

“We have been in the collaboration phase with this customer for nearly a year and are very happy and proud to have won their confidence. This new, large school is also very important to the local community. We have been working with Veidekke for quite some time and are now expanding and developing that collaboration further, which we are very excited about,” says Lars Petter Ilstad Johansen, CEO at Romerike Elektro.

The primary school will have capacity for 840 students. The preschool will have capacity for 140 students. The sports centre will have three playing surfaces, an activity hall and a grandstand with 250 seats. The total area for the premises is around 17,500 sq. m.

“It is very encouraging and stimulating for Instalco to be involved in so many new, large projects like this and we are proud to once again have been selected for a project on this scale,” says Roger Aksnes, Head of Division for Instalco Norway.

Construction will begin in January and during 2024, Romerike Elektro will be involved in the detailed planning so that the installation work can begin in 2025. The school is scheduled for completion for start of the school year in August, 2027.

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