Anders Lindén, CEO APC Elinstallatören at Tinnerbäckshuset.

Instalco wins contract at Linköping University Hospital

The Instalco company, APC Elinstallatören, has been awarded a contract for electrical installation work at Linköping University Hospital. The contract was awarded as part of a procurement process run by Region Östergötland.

A new building will be constructed at Linköping University Hospital and it will have facilities for the hospital’s psychiatric department, addiction treatment, education and research. The value of the contract for APC’s installation work is approximately SEK 70 million.

The new building, Tinnerbäckshuset, will replace the current facilities used by those functions and it will provide a modern care environment for patients currently being cared for at other buildings both in and around the hospital area. The contract that was awarded to APC involves new installation of electrical, power and telecommunication systems for stage 1 construction of the new building, which is now underway and scheduled for completion at the end of 2020.

“This is a large-scale project and we’re certainly very proud to have been selected as the contractor by Region Östergötland, which has been one of our clients for quite some time,” says Anders Lindén, CEO at APC.

Tinnerbäckshuset has been designed as a passive house, which is a rigorous voluntary standard for energy efficiency. The heating source will primarily come from heat emitted by the building’s equipment and by people residing in the building. The building will also self-generate much of its energy needs via solar cells installed on the roof.

Once the building has been completed, it will be one of Sweden’s most energy-efficient hospital buildings and the goal is to obtain certification at the Silver level from the Sweden Green Building Council.

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