Instalco wins contract from SVT

Instalco’s company, VVS Kraft, has won a contract to rebuild the central cooling systems at SVT (the Swedish public service television company), SR (Swedish Radio), UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) and concert hall Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. The client is Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings AB (SRF).

VVS Kraft will be installing three new central cooling systems, along with grid connection. The contract value is SEK 25 million.

The central cooling systems at the SR, SVT, UR and Berwaldhallen properties are partially outdated and need to be replaced. Besides creating a pleasant indoor climate for employees, cooling is an essential requirement for safe, reliable functioning of studio and broadcasting equipment, including computers, cameras and editing equipment. Berwaldhallen also requires a specific environment, in terms of temperature and humidity, since live performances with musical instruments are held there.

“Replacing the entire central cooling systems at these properties requires highly specialised technical expertise. We're proud that SRF has entrusted us with this task. In this particular case, we are actually helping ensure that our public services, like TV and radio in Sweden, can function reliably and as intended. We're incredibly proud to be a part of it all,” says Ola Klockarås, CEO at VVS Kraft.

In total, three new central cooling systems will be installed, involving more than several kilometres of pipe installation between the remote terminal units, then out and under the properties at Gärdet in Stockholm.

The renovation and installation of the new cooling systems at SRF's properties will be completed during spring 2020.

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