Illustration: Veidekke.

Instalco wins contract on the construction of cycling velodrome in Norway

Instalco’s Norwegian subsidiary, Vito Teknisk Entreprenör AS, has been engaged for the heating and plumbing work associated with construction of a new velodrome and cycling centre in Asker, near Oslo. The client is Veidekke Entreprenør and the order value for Vito is approximately SEK 41 million.

The project name is Asker Velo and it consists of two buildings, one of which will be the velodrome and the other, premises for offices, stores, two schools and a preschool, totalling 15,700 sq.m. Vito has been engaged for installation of the sprinkler, heating & plumbing, cooling and ventilation systems, with a shared power plant for the two buildings connected to 20 energy wells for geothermal heating.

“This is a very high-profile event in the Norwegian sporting world and a prestigious project for us. We are extremely proud to be involved in the construction of this important cycling centre in Asker,” says André Skjelsbæk, CEO of Vito.

Construction of the velodrome, which will be an extension of the current sports facility, is being done as a joint investment and partnership between the Norwegian Cycling Federation, Nordr Eiendom and Asker Municipality. The velodrome will meet the standards for holding international competitions, with a 200-metre-long track that has a multi-sport area in the middle. It will also serve as the Norwegian cycling team’s training and competition centre.

The goal is to classify the project as a Sustainable Instalco Project. Construction will begin during fall 2020, with completion by summer 2022.

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