The Stockholm metro system is growing.

Instalco wins contract to participate in the expansion of Stockholm metro

The Instalco companies, Rörgruppen and Ohmegi, have been contracted by NCC and Region Stockholm to participate in expansion of the Högdalen metro depot, located in southern Stockholm. The work involves design and installation of both the electrical and heating & plumbing solutions as part of a partnering project with a total order value of approximately SEK 150 million.

The Stockholm metro system is growing and more subway trains will be added as the network expands. In conjunction with that, the existing Högdalen Depot also needs to be expanded so that it has capacity for the new trains.

For Instalco, the work involves installation of the heating & plumbing solution, which will be done by Rörgruppen and installation of the electrical and telecommunications systems, which will be done by Ohmegi. Intec, Instalco’s subsidiary for technical consulting, is also assisting Rörgruppen and Ohmegi with the design work. In addition to that, Intec has been contracted for other work in the project by external subcontractors.

“With all of its subsidiaries, Instalco has a vast amount of expertise and experience of working in this way, in partnering projects. Collaboration with NCC, Region Stockholm (the end client) and the other subcontractors involved will be particularly important in this project, since operations in the existing premises will continue throughout it all, at all hours of the day and night. We are looking forward to being involved and helping expand the Stockholm metro system,” says Göran Johnsson, CEO at Rörgruppen and manager of the Instalco metro depot project.

The aim of the project is to increase capacity at Högdalen Depot, so that it is compatible with the needs and requirements of the metro system once it has been expanded, which is in accordance with the 2013 Stockholm negotiation. This will be done by building more trainyards, new maintenance premises for the new C30 trains, a new washing hall, a new sanitation hall and additional platforms for cleaning the trains. In addition, a new rectifier station will be built to supply the new underground trainyard with electric power.

The project is already underway and it is expected to be completed in 2025. The order value for Instalco is 150 SEK 150 million during the period 2021-2025.

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