Instalco wins contract via Swedish-Norwegian collaboration

The Instalco company Elkontakt has been awarded its first contract outside Sweden, together with the Norwegian Instalco company Vito. The project comprises electrical and sprinkler system installations in the Vestby logistics centre outside Oslo. The total order value amounts to approx. SEK 30 million.

Two warehouses, a cross-docking terminal and office premises of a total of 45,000 square meters will be built at the Vestby logistics centre. Elkontakt has been selected to perform installations of electricity, data networks, a passage control system and fire alarms, whereas Vito will install fire sprinkler systems in the properties. The customer is NREP Logicenters with Prime Cargo as the tenant.

Elkontakt is specialised in installations at new construction projects, primarily at logistics centres, warehouses and production plants, and has extensive experience from this type of projects. Vito has extensive experience from working with complete solutions in heating, plumbing, sprinkler systems and ventilation.

“The Vestby project will be our first project abroad. Since before, we have a good cooperation with NREP Logicenters around various logistics centre constructions, and we are proud to have been given the trust to participate in such a large project for them in Norway”, says Rickard Ärlig, CEO of Elkontakt.

“This is a great example of collaboration within Instalco, where we can be competitive and find the best solution for the customer”, says Vidar Lien, CEO of Vito Teknisk Entreprenör in Drammen, Norway.

The project will be initiated in the end of April with completion in October.

Illustration: NREP.

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