Meglergården og Villa P apartment complex in Oslo. Illustration: Lund+Slatto.

Instalco wins its first major collaboration assignment in Norway

Instalco has won its first major contract in Norway where several of the Group's companies will be collaborating on the same project. Two Instalco companies, Andersen og Aksnes and Teknisk Ventilasjon have won a contract where they will collaborate on the installation work at a new apartment complex in the Oslo area.

Meglergården og Villa P is situated in Bekkestua, close to Oslo. The Villa P complex will have 80 apartments in total and the order value for Instalco’s installation services is NOK 34 million.

“Collaboration between Andersen og Aksnes and Teknisk Ventilasjon on this project is a great example of how the Instalco model is now really starting to gain momentum in Norway,” says Roger Aksnes, Business Area Manager for Instalco Norway.

The heating & plumbing company, Andersen og Aksnes, will provide all of the installation work for the heating & plumbing, cooling and sprinkler systems. Teknisk Ventilasjon will design, plan and install the air treatment systems. Besides the 80 individual apartments, there will be communal spaces, storage areas, a garage and a large space for business premises.

Meglergården is being developed as a new city neighbourhood and Villa P will be a small apartment complex constructed of wood and brick with a modern design. The Instalco companies have been subcontracted by Betonmast AS for the Meglergården og Villa P project. The end client is Stor-Oslo Eiendom. Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter in Oslo is the firm of architects for the project. The project will be completed during 2021.

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