LVI Paavola and Sähkö-Buumi in collaboration i Helsinki.

Instalco wins multidisciplinary contract in Finland

The Instalco companies, LVI Paavola and Sähkö-Buumi in Finland have won a contract to collaborate on the heating, plumbing and electrical installations at a large office building in Helsinki that is being renovated.

The renovation is at a ten-story building, Asemapäällikönkatu 12, 18,000 sq. m. located at Pasila in Helsinki. The order value is approximately SEK 52 million.

“This is a great example of the type of collaboration among our companies in Finland that is really starting to take off,” says Robin Bohem, Business Area Manager for Instalco Finland.

The work to be done includes installation of a new district cooling system and substation where the water conduits and system for heat distribution will be updated. Cooling coils for the AHU will also be installed. The building's energy efficiency will be increased via installation of a heat recovery system.

“Work on the heating, plumbing and electrical installations will occur while the building is occupied, which puts extra requirements on the renovation effort. LVI Paavola and Sähkö-Buumi will work in close collaboration on the project to ensure that everything goes according to plan,” says Tomi Paavola, CEO at LVI Paavola.

Pasili lies approximately 4 km from downtown Helsinki and it is one of the important development areas of Helsinki. The new Tripla shopping centre is located there, along with a new train station that significantly improves the commuting options.

LVI Paavola and Sähkö-Buumi will begin the installation work during spring 2019 and completion of it all is scheduled for January 2021. The customer is Kiinteistö Oy Asemapäällikönkatu 12.

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