Løren Botaniske containing 389 newly constructed apartments. Illustration: Veidekke.

Instalco wins new assignment from Veidekke in Norway

The Instalco company, Romerike Elektro AS, has signed a new contract with Veidekke Entreprenør AS. The order value is SEK 42 million and it pertains to electrical installations at the new apartment complex, Løren Botaniske, in Oslo.

Romerike Elektro and Veidekke have been collaborating for many years. The new project at Løren Botaniske is an extension of the Gartnerkvartalet project (also an apartment complex), where Elektro is doing the electrical installation work for Veidekke.

“We are very proud that Veidekke has once again put its confidence in us. We are looking forward to working with them on projects to develop and modernise residential properties to make them more energy-efficient and sustainable,” says Oskar Brustad Sjølie, CEO at Romerike Elektro.

Løren Botaniske is situated just north of central Oslo. In total, there are seven buildings containing 389 newly constructed apartments. The complex also has a garage, two business premises and a childcare centre. One of the key features is access to gardening plots for those who are interested.

An application for environmental certification will be submitted to the Norwegian Green Building Council, BREEAM-NOR. It means that environmental consideration is given throughout the entire construction phase, with adherence to strict environmental requirements throughout all phases of the construction process. The project is expected to take 4 years for completion.

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