Instalco wins new assignment in Kalmar

The Instalco subsidiary, Calmarsunds VVS, has been engaged as general contractor for renovation of two floors of an apartment building at the housing complex, HSB Graniten in Kalmar. Another Instalco subsidiary, Elovent, is subcontractor for the project, where focus is on energy efficiency.

It is a partnering project on behalf of HSB Sydost, with total order value of approximately SEK 50 million for Instalco.

The HSB Graniten housing complex, with around 230 apartments, was part of the Million Programme of 1965-74 and the building is now in great need of renovation. Calmarsunds VVS has been engaged as general contractor for design and installation of the heating & plumbing, ventilation, electrical, control technology and automatics, construction and groundwork.

“This is a clear example of an energy efficiency project where there is truly a great need. In this sort of partnering project, we are able to suggest and install systems that will offer customers the highest possible energy-savings. The work of general contractor involves great responsibility for planning and coordination, particularly given the short timespan for the overall project,” says Niclas Moberg, CEO at Calmarsunds VVS.

Among other things, the project involves installation of ventilation via exhaust air heat pumps, installations for heat, water and recycling, pipelines for heat via new radiators and installations for water, drainage, wastewater and electricity.

The goal is to certify the project as a Sustainable Instalco Project.

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