Instalco wins new contract at Malmö Hospital

The Instalco company, Rörläggaren will be engaged in work associated with the expansion of Malmö hospital area via a new contract won by the installation group that it belongs to. Rörläggaren will be responsible for extensive, high-tech heating & plumbing installations customized to the hospital environment and with an order value of SEK 270 million.

The comprehensive work associated with the expansion of Malmö Hospital started in 2015 and it is part of Region Skåne’s major investment in healthcare for southern Sweden.  More than 100,000 square metres will be added to the hospital in the form of new operating theatres, intensive care and other care units.

Skanska is the main contractor for this work and it, in turn, has subcontracted an installation group consisting of Instalco's subsidiary, Rörläggaren, along with two other companies, Assemblin and ApQ. In collaboration with Skanska and Region Skåne, the group was already involved in project planning for the new care facilities.

Now, it has also been confirmed that the installation group will be responsible for implementation of all stages of the project. Rörläggaren and Assemblin have set up a partnership company, which is the contract partner for the heating & plumbing installations.

“We've collected the region’s top specialists in a unique installation group for joint planning and implementation, together with the client (Region Skåne) and contractor (Skanska). We got involved at a very early stage too, which greatly facilitates the collaborative effort associated with designing and implementing effective, sustainable solutions.  It's a tremendously complex, resource-intensive project to create this ultra-modern hospital-of-the-future,” says Richard Olsson, CEO at Rörläggaren.

Once the new complex has been completed, it will be one of the most modern hospitals in Europe, able to meet society’s healthcare needs both now and in the future. The project (in Swedish, called “Nya Vårdbyggnaden”), consists of two, linked buildings totalling 108,000 square metres and more than 2,200 rooms. All of the facilities have been designed with flexibility in mind, so that they can easily be adapted to meet future needs. And, all of the patient rooms will be single bed, with own toilet/showers, thereby further improving the quality of care and recovery process for patients. That aspect is also important for meeting future requirements on infectious disease control.

It total, it is estimated that as many as 250 individuals will simultaneously be involved in installation work during the peak stages of the project. Work has already begun and is expected to continue through the mid-2020s before it has all been completed. This will be one of Sweden’s most energy-efficient hospital buildings and the goal is to obtain certification at the Silver level from the Sweden Green Building Council.

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