Keeping a customer for over 50 years

One of the things that sets Instalco companies apart is long customer relationships. Satisfied customers are repeat customers, and a high level of customer satisfaction generates growth and profitability. Instalco company Ventilationsförbättringar i Malmö AB (VFB) is an example of just that.

Instalco aims to consistently offer its customers the best possible service. It would be no exaggeration to say that VFB and the ­Adventist Church in Malmö have a longstanding business relationship. An ongoing service agreement for the technical installations in the church building has been in place for 51 years.

“It’s absolutely great that the Adventist Church is still a customer of ours after more than 50 years. We’re very happy and proud of the trust they’ve placed in us, and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship in the years ahead,” says Mikael Bönsö, services manager at VFB.

The agreement was signed back in 1972 under the name of VFB’s forerunner company Servent, which was founded by Tommy Pettersson. He went on to start VFB in 1979, which took over the agreement. The Adventist Church was VFB’s first customer, and the two have gone on to enjoy a long and loyal relationship.

The Malmö Seventh-Day Adventist Church, part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church, has a small but well-functioning church building at the heart of central Malmö.

“We’ve done lots of work for the Adventist Church over the years, mainly ongoing maintenance and servicing for their ventilation system. But we’ve also carried out bigger jobs such as new installations and repairs,” Mikael Bönsö continues.

VFB’s main focus is service work in southern Skåne. Until the mid-1990s the company had around 10 employees, before doubling in size in the early 2000s.

“Today we’re a team of 38 with a wide range of skills, which means we can take on most work within the field of building technology. Our areas of expertise include ventilation, mandatory ventilation inspections, cooling, control technology and automation, and now electricity as well, since we took over Vent & Värmeteknik a few years ago. We’ve also recently set up a property department staffed by property technicians. As we don’t have in-house plumbers, we work with other Instalco companies when the need arises, such as AB Rörläggaren and KWA Rör AB.”

VFB has a particular interest in indoor environments and specialises in ventilation, heat pumps and comfort cooling. Ventilation systems require regular servicing to work as efficiently as possible and to keep repairs and energy consumption to a minimum.


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