new Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel in Gothenburg. Illustration: NCC.

LG Contracting gets hotel assignment at Liseberg

The Instalco company, LG Contracting, has signed an agreement with NCC, whereby they have been engaged to help build the new experience hotel at Liseberg in Gothenburg. The project will be carried out as a collaborative effort between NCC and Liseberg.

LG Contracting will be responsible for the heating and plumbing installations at the new Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel. The size of the order is approximately SEK 40 million.

“We’re very pleased that LG will be a part of this exciting project. It is a very complex, large-scale project, making it the ideal forum for a partnership where everyone is pulling together to achieve the best possible results,” says Lennart Håkansson, Branch Manager at LG Contracting in Gothenburg.

The new theme-based experience hotel will be around 30,000 sq. m. and it will have 450 rooms. Construction has already gotten underway and it is expected to be completed in time for Liseberg’s 100th Anniversary in 2023 Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel is part of the Liseberg 100th Anniversary Project, which also includes construction of an indoor water park connected to the hotel.

The goal is for the new hotel to become Sweden’s most fun and imaginative family hotel. The design is focused on a child’s thirst for discovery and adventure. Some of features will be a slide between levels of the hotel and bird cages in the lobby. Another theme of the project is the East India Company, which is an important part of Gothenburg’s history.

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