Kineum. Illustration: NCC/Platzer.

LG Contracting in collaboration project for new landmark in Gothenburg

The Instalco company, LG Contracting has won a contract for the heating & plumbing installations at Gothenburg's new landmark, Kineum. The height of the new high-rise building will be 111 meters with 28 floors and with an area of 32,000 sq. meters. It will be built by the property development companies, NCC and Platzer.

The project will be run as a collaboration and it is expected to be completed during 2022. The assignment has an order value of approximately SEK 55 million.

Kineum will be located in central Gothenburg between the districts of Gårda, Ullevi and the E6 highway. The building will contain shops, a hotel, and office premises, including NCC’s Gothenburg office. The new hotel, Jimmy’z, will be run by ESS Group. Its other hotels include Steam Hotel, Pigalle and Ystad Saltsjöbad.

Kineum is an important assignment for us and we’re very proud to have been invited to participate. The collaboration offers us many opportunities to, together with the client, identify and implement the best solutions. We're very much looking forward to working together with NCC and Platzer in the years ahead,” says Patric Larzon CEO of LG Contracting.

There are certain logistical challenges associated with the project. The reason has to do with its location, close to E6 at the Ullevi interchange, where there is a heavy traffic flow. As such, it will be necessary to find the locations and right times of day for delivering materials as efficiently as possible without causing disruptions in the surrounding area.

“The advantages of a collaboration are all the knowledge that is contributed by the various partners. Those of us in the project group will discuss the various solutions and then decide which direction to pursue. Our focus, of course, will always be on what is best for the project,” says Mikael Hemlingberg, Installations Coordinator at NCC.

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