LG Contracting will be installing in Brogårdsstaden Tegelhagen. Photo: Consto.

LG Contracting installs unique geothermal heating system at Upplands-Bro

The Instalco subsidiary, LG Contracting, has won a contract for the heating & plumbing installations at an apartment building with 650 units that is under construction in a new city district of Upplands-Bro. The assignment also encompasses system design and installation of an entirely unique and customized geothermal heating system.

LG Contracting's order value for the assignment is estimated at approximately SEK 60 million. The developer for the project is Consto.

The geothermal heating system was custom designed and optimized for this project and it will be the first of its kind in Sweden. LG Contracting designed the system prior to having it built in Italy.

“We have designed a unique solution based on the client’s high energy demands using extremely efficient and powerful heat pumps,” says Patric Larzon, CEO at LG Contracting.

“What is special about this system is that we are using a cooling agent that has a lower environmental impact, yet with a higher efficiency than what is standard. We will also be installing larger heat exchangers than what exist in standard pumps. It results in higher overall efficiency, saving 10-15 percent compared to a standard geothermal heating system,” he says.

The new city district of Upplands-Bro, a suburb of Stockholm, is called Brogårdsstaden. The first stage, Tegelhagen, consists of 650 rental units in 24 low-rise apartment buildings (3 to 5 stories). The project is already underway and expected to be completed during 2022.

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