Listing of Instalco on Nasdaq Stockholm

Instalco Intressenter AB (”Instalco” or the ”Company”), a leading installation and service supplier within the disciplines heating and plumbing, electrical, ventilation, cooling and industrial, and FSN Capital GP IV Limited as general partner in FSN Capital IV L.P., FSN Capital IV (B) L.P. and FSN Capital IV Invest L.P. (”FSN Capital IV”, or the ”Principal Shareholder”) have decided to broaden the ownership of the shares in Instalco by way of a sale of existing shares followed by a listing of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm (the “Offering”). The prospectus for the Offering will be published today and the first day of trading is expected to be around 11 May 2017.

Instalco has a nationwide organisation in Sweden and has expanded into Norway and Finland through acquisitions during 2016. The business concept is to be able, through cooperation between locally leading and highly specialised units, to offer competitive multidisciplinary solutions to its customers, while at the same time achieving coordination benefits. Pro forma for the 2016 financial year, Instalco had net sales of SEK 2,852 million and an adjusted EBITA of SEK 219 million, corresponding to an adjusted EBITA margin of 7.7 percent. For the full press release,

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