Long-term customer relations resulted in an assignment focusing on sustainability at all levels

When Casall, a company that offers workout clothing, decided to build a new head office in Norrköping, the Instalco company, Rörmokaren, was contracted for all of the heating & plumbing installations. There has been a clear environmental focus throughout the project, including installation of circularity showers with water recycling at the building.

Rörmokaran i Kolmården has been working with the client, Byggrosen and its end customer, Mattssons Fastighetsutveckling, for around 35 years. Long customer relations is something that most Instalco companies have in common. In this case, it led to Rörmokaren i Kolmården winning the assignment to be a part of developing Casall’s new head office, showroom and warehouse, with a total area of 5,200 sq. m.

“This is an excellent example of how a successful project can be executed together with the contractor and end customer. We are also very proud of the environmental focus in all stages of the construction, including water, heating & plumbing, cooling, geothermal heating, solar cells and charging boxes,” says Kenneth Nilsson, Head of Service at Rörmokaren i Kolmården.

“A really fun aspect of this was the circularity showers we installed that purify the water and reuse it. They are like the showers used in outer space! They conserve around 90 percent of the water use and 80 percent of the energy use,” he says.

When Casall decided to build a new head office, focus on sustainability and the smallest possible climate footprint were core elements of it all.

“We have put an enormous amount of effort into sustainability with this project. Choosing the right materials and an overall approach have been key. The property is able to generate more energy than it consumes. We have both geothermal heating and solar energy. We’ve also focused on the work environment for employees, since sustainability is so much more than just climate and environment,” explains Lars Landin, CEO at Casall Pro.

The property has also obtained Miljöbyggnad certification, which is a system set up by Sweden Green Building and it uses 25 percent less energy compared to the new construction requirements issued by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

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