Lower energy consumption after switching to LED lighting

In 2021, Rikelektro installed new LED lighting at more than 50 Systembolaget stores. This Sustainable Instalco Project has helped significantly lower the energy consumption.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we have been working for several years with Systembolaget to lower their energy consumption. In 2019, we started working with voltage optimization for them and formulating a plan for the LED conversion at all of its stores,” says Michaela Masiello, CEO at Rikelektro.

In 2021, Rikelektro upgraded all of the lighting to LED at more then 50 Systembolaget stores and another 70 are planned for 2022. At the end of 2025, it is estimated that the work will be complete, with LED lighting installed in all of the Systembolaget stores in Sweden.

“The LED conversion will generate significant cost savings for both service and maintenance. It will also increase the lifespan of the lighting and lower the
energy consumption,” says Michaela.

“Systembolaget has a clear sustainability focus that is very much aligned with our way of working and expertise. The collaboration is stimulating and worth while for both sides and together, we have arrived at a clear plan for these sustainable projects,” says Michaela.

All of the waste material is sorted and managed in collaboration with the recycling company, PreZero. This Sustainable Instalco Project also involves replacing the suspended ceiling at several stores.

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