Sami Vanhamäki, Jarmo Mikonsaari, Tero Viinikka.

Milvent Oy, a new Instalco company in Helsinki

Instalco has set up a new installation company, Milvent Oy, in Finland. It is a spinoff of the Instalco company, Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka and its prior Helsinki branch office, Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Etelä Oy.

Milvent works with heating, plumbing and ventilation installations and will primarily be focusing on new construction and renovation projects at commercial buildings. It has also started collaborating with several of the other Instalco companies in the Helsinki region.

Jarmo Mikonsaari, 34 years old, is the CEO of Milvent and he has extensive experience in the heating, plumbing and installation sector. He has worked as a project manager at NCC and Bravida. He has also worked at the Instalco company, Uudenmaa LVI-talo Oy.

“Milvent is a young company of enthusiastic employees with a strong profile and the right Instalco spirit. I’m looking forward to leading and building up the company and have a large network in the industry that will certainly help with that task. It was easy for me to accept this offer and opportunity. I’m very excited about stepping into this new role and being able to impact and influence areas that I did not previously have a say in with my previous job. I also really like the atmosphere at Instalco and the how the company works,” says Jarmo Mikonsaari.

“This is a great example of how we are growing Instalco’s operations in Finland on several levels. It's an honour to be collaborating with the best entrepreneurs in the industry and creating new business opportunities,” says Tero Viinikka, Head of Division for Heating, Plumbing and Installation Finland.

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