Illustration: Sweco.

New contract at Linköping University Hospital

The Instalco company, APC Elinstallatören, has signed an agreement with Region Östergötland for work that will be done at Linköping University Hospital. It pertains to electrical installations for stage two of the construction of the new building called Tinnerbäckshuset. The order value is approximately 40 million.

“We’ve been collaborating with Region Östergötland on work at the hospital for quite some time and it’s been a successful collaboration for both parties. We are also happy and proud to be involved projects like this that provide critical functions to society for the future,” says Peter Årnerud, CEO at APC.

Tinnerbäckshuset will house premises for psychiatry, addiction care, education and research.

Tinnerbäckshuset has been designed as a passive building, with the very lowest need for purchased heat, electricity and cooling. The heating source will primarily come from heat emitted by the building’s equipment and by people residing in the building. The building will also self-generate much of its energy needs via solar cells installed on the roof. Once all of the work has been completed, it will be one of Sweden’s most energy-efficient hospital buildings.

Stage 2 is planned to get underway in fall 2022 and will continue until summer 2024.


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