Norway's first Sustainable Instalco Project

When Kristiansand Municipality decided to invest in a new school centre, with three schools situated in the same area, it contracted Moi Rör for the heating & plumbing work. The project, Tangvall School Centre, became Norway's first Sustainable Instalco Project.

It is a new development, consisting of three schools: Tangvall School, Kulturskolan (music school) and Sögne High School. The total area for all three is 22,000 sq. m.

Moir Rör was contracted for all of the plumbing, sprinkler, geothermal heating and cooling systems, with a total order value of NOK 54 million. It certainly wasn’t an ordinary heating & plumbing assignment for Moi Rör. Already at the start, the end customer, Kristiansand Municipality and the contractor, BRG Entreprenør had established strict requirements that it should have the lowest possible climate impact.

“This was a perfect assignment for us, since we have specialist expertise in exactly this area. The most important aspects that we had to focus on were how to set up the heating and cooling system. With traditional heat pumps, there is a risk that they will leak environmentally hazardous cooling agents,” explains Kåre Henning Åsly, CEO at Moi Rör.

“Our solution was to instead use heat pumps and the natural cooling agent, CO2, which collects geothermal heat form energy wells,” he says.

Moi Rör var got involved in the planning at an early stage, in fact, already during the architect competition a year before the actual construction got underway. This made it possible for Moi Rör to, already at an early stage, to suggest systems and solutions that would meet the high energy and climate requirements for the buildings.

And, 2,500 solar panels were installed on the roof of the school buildings, with material selections that have low GHG emissions.

“It has been a very successful project, from start to finish. We have been working with the contractor, BRG Entreprenør for many years. We collaborate well together and are well acquainted with what each other's expertise and what we can deliver,” he says.

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