Per Sjöstrand in depth about Instalco - guest at Global Value Creators

Per Sjöstrand CEO of Instalco is the guest in the latest episode of the Global Value Creators podcast. Here, Per tells in depth about his background, career and the journey with Instalco.

For host Evan Vanderveer, Per Sjöstrand explains the basics and cornerstones of Instalco and what mature leadership and team play is all about.

“In this fascinating conversation, Per talks about his early years, his career and how he got the idea to build a decentralized installation group and the enormous growth opportunities still ahead for Instalco. We dive deep into the group’s structure, how Instalco is leading the charge on ESG, and what has made Per most proud after completing 100 acquisitions and creating a business with a $3 billion market cap in just seven short years”, says Evan Vanderveer.

The Global Value Creators podcast is run by Vanshap Capital in Washington, USA and the podcast sections interview entrepreneurs from around the world.

Listen to the podcast episode:

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