Robin Boheman.

Robin Boheman takes over as CEO: “It will be business as usual”

As of today, 1 September, Robin Boheman takes over as the new CEO for Instalco. Per Sjöstrand, the previous CEO and founder of Instalco, will be taking on the role of Chairman of the Board for the company, also effective as of 1 September.

Robin Boheman, 37 years old, was the very first employee of Instalco after Per Sjöstrand and he has been part of the Group management team right from the start. During the period 2014-2019, Robin worked as the Head of M&A and Business Development until the point when he was appointed CFO for the Group in 2019.

“I’ve been a part of developing Instalco right from day one and it’s been a part of my DNA ever since. The most important thing of all for me right now is ensuring the vibrancy and continuation of the Instalco spirit, in the same way that we’ve done while building up the company thus far,” says Robin.

“Seven years ago, I was asked whether I wanted to be a part of starting up something new in the installation sector. When I saw the plans for Instalco, I knew, at my very core, that this was the company for me, and I’ve never had a moment’s regret. Since then, I’ve had a burning passion for our company, its unique business model, our special culture and the family spirit with mature leadership. For me, it feels incredibly important to safeguard and build on all of that as we now take the next steps into the future,” he says.

Robin was born in Enskede, a southern suburb of Stockholm. During his youth, the family also spent two years abroad, in Maastricht, Netherlands. Robin completed his military service as a platoon commander of the amphibious regiment in Vaxholm, an island in the Stockholm archipelago, and after that, he enrolled at Uppsala University to pursue an MSc in accounting and finance. After completing his studies, Robin has worked with strategy and business development at Scania and as a consultant at PwC.

He has always had a passion for development, regardless of whether it pertained to work, studies, social life or physical exercise. Outside of work and career, for example, Robin is passionate about endurance sports and two years ago, he qualified for the Ironman World Championship competition in Hawaii. He achieved his personal goal of completing it in under ten hours, with a five-minute margin. Most of all though, Robin is proud to have participated in a true Ironman competition. He is an all-round athlete who lists bicycling, running, swimming, weightlifting and skiing as his favourites.

Robin currently lives just a short 10-minute walk from Instalco’s head office in Stockholm, with his partner, Marielle, and their one-year-old son, Matheo.

As he leads the company into the future, Robin’s guiding star and motto is, “Business as usual”. In other words, he would like to continue applying the same principles that have proven successful for the company during the first seven years of its journey. There are, however, certain things that Robin is especially passionate about and that he would like to develop in the company going forward.

“We are already well-equipped for society’s transition to a green economy and for this, Instalco’s sustainability efforts lie at the core. We unquestionably have the knowledge and ability to identify and propose the most sustainable and energy-efficient installations for our customers. I would like to keep developing this and am convinced that it will be a key factor for future success in the construction and installation sector,” he says.

“Instalco will continue to grow and deliver quality to our customers in the construction and installation sector, as well as our owners in the finance market. We will continue preparing for further geographic expansion, along with constantly keeping an eye open for new, related areas of operation that supplement our existing ones. Of course, I would also like to eventually lead Instalco into a Large Cap listing on the stock market as well. My goal is to ensure all of that, without sacrificing our company culture and the unique family spirit that prevails here,” he says.

Instalco’s Board of Directors and Group management team unanimously support Robin Boheman in his new role as CEO.

“Ever since his first day on the job, Robin has worked closely with Per Sjöstrand. The Board of Directors is thrilled that Robin has taken over the role of CEO after Per. His experience from the Group’s acquisition efforts and working in the accounting/finance function makes him the ideal successor. With Robin as the new CEO, we ensure continuity at Instalco,” says Olle Ehrlén, Chairman of the Board at Instalco until today, 1 September 2021.

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