Instalco ha been engaged as a partner by NCC in the Hangar 5 project in Bromma in Stockholm. Illustration: NCC AB / BAU Arkitekter.

Rörgruppen wins new installation assignment from NCC

The Instalco Company, Rörgruppen AB, has been engaged as a partner by NCC in the Hangar 5 project. The Swedish Construction Company, NCC, owns and develops Hangar 5, located in Bromma, Stockholm, where the vision is to create a new, sustainable district by converting the old industrial area into a new, urban, mixed-use development.

The project covers 80,000 sq. m. of new construction consisting of four buildings that will contain offices, hotel, retail and public services. Rörgruppen has been engaged as a partner in the project responsible for the heating and plumbing installations. The size of the order is approximately SEK 100 million during the project period.

Hangar 5 is part of the expansive urban development effort around Bromma Airport. “We're proud to have been contracted by NCC and to be participating in this project,” says Göran Johnsson, CEO of Rörgruppen.

Hangar 5 is strategically located between Bromma Airport and the Bromma Blocks trading area. Contracts have already been signed with several tenants, including Biz Apartment, SATS and ICA Maxi Stormarknad. At this location, ICA is going to set up one if its largest grocery stores in Sweden. 

“NCC is very pleased to have contracted Rörgruppen as a partner in the Hangar 5 project. Rörgruppen has a lot of experience and impressive references from other large projects. Their employees truly work as a team with us as a client for their services. Together with our other, carefully selected installation companies, we’ve definitely created a winning team,” says Harald Stjernström, Project Manager for Hangar 5.

The project will be submitted for BREEAM sustainability certification at the level, “Excellent”. The entire project is expected to be completed during the last quarter of 2021.

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