Martin Mårtensson, Deputy CEO at Rörläggaren with companions.

Rörläggaren carried out the first Sustainable Instalco Project

When Instalco launched its new Sustainability Programme and Sustainable Instalco Project certification system 2020, the subsidiary Rörläggaren in Malmö wasted no time in getting involved.

The very first project to be classified as a Sustainable Instalco Project was a renovation assignment in Kristianstad. The project, which is called Hovrätten 28, is a partnering project with Skanska and Kristianstadsbyggen to renovate a property from the 1950s containing 55 apartments and several office premises with adherence to very stringent environmental requirements.

“When the new Sustainability Programme was presented, we knew that it was a great fit with our way of working. We have been working with many of these aspects for quite some time and have made good progress with our sustainability work. Now, we’ve added the other elements of the programme in order to meet the requirements for being classified as a Sustainable Instalco Project. It really is a stamp of quality for us, the customer and the entire project,” says Martin Mårtensson, Deputy CEO at Rörläggaren.

The project involves renovation of air treatment systems and installation of exhaust air heat pumps. New pipes are being installed to enable heat recovery for heating systems and hot-water boilers. Radiators will be replaced in all of the units, along with equipping them with integrated outdoor air intake devices. The heating pipes in living rooms will be replaced and upgraded to meet the new performance requirements.

“We have also made a delivery plan to coordinate transport of the radiators so that they all arrive at once, in a single delivery. Furthermore, we are only using materials and systems that are sustainable and we carefully manage waste at the site, reporting both the quantity and type to Kristianstad Municipality,” explains Martin Mårtensson.

“At the start-up meeting for the project, we also went through the Safe Employee programme with all of our assemblers, which was much appreciated. Sustainability work is so much more than climate and environment. It is also about values and behaviours towards one's colleagues and fellow employees, not to mention safety in the workplace,” he says.

The following six criteria must be met in order to be certifi ed as a Sustainable Instalco Project.

1. Review of the Instalco program, Safe employee
2. Suppliers are required to have signed the Instalco Code of Conduct for Suppliers
3. The project must help couteract climate change
4. A delivery plan has been prepared
5. Routines have been established for sorting materials and waste
6. The customer has been offered a sustainability contract/service contract

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