Six Instalco companies collaborate on assignment for Stockholm Exergi

The Instalco company, EKTK AB has signed an agreement with Stockholm Exergi for electrical work that will be done at the Värtaverket power station in Stockholm. Five other Instalco companies will be assisting EKTK by participating in the assignment. 

Power station 1 (KVV 1) is one of the older combined power and heating plants at Värtaverket and it is in need of renovation. EKTK will be working together with the other Instalco companies on the electrical installations required for the refurbishment and renovation of the power station.

“We are happy about our continued collaboration with Stockholm Exergi and assisting them with electrical installations in this type of environment. It is a large, comprehensive assignment that must be completed over a short period of time, but with the help of the other participating Instalco companies, we can deliver what the customer needs,” says Pasi Johansen, CEO at EKTK.

Besides EKTK, the other Instalco companies that will be involved in the project are: Selek, Östersjö Elektriska, Instamate, Lidingö Elektriska and El & Säkerhet. The combined order value for Instalco is insignificant in relation to the total order backlog but it is a clear example of collaboration between subsidiaries within the Group.

Power station 1 (KVV 1) at Värtan is one of Stockholm Exergi’s state-of-the-art facilities. It is used at times of particularly high heating and electricity demand on the grid, such as intense cold snaps during winter.

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