Solar cells on the school roof an obvious choice

The Instalco company, Elinstallationer in Karlshamn was a key player in the construction of Mörrum’s new school. In this partnering project, the company, with its vast experience, was responsible for both the design and installation of all the electrical installations.

The customer requirements were clear: Cutting-edge, energy-efficient electrical installations including a photovoltaic system.

The project included complete installations of the lighting, data and fibre, control systems, entry systems, burglar and fire alarms, evacuation alarms, transformers and switchgear. It also included installation of a photovoltaic system and charging stations for electric vehicles. All of these aspects are in high demand in many of Instalco’s assignments.

Clara Jönsson, works with system design at Elinstallationer i Karlshamn and she designed many of the electrical installations at Mörrum School.

“We took on a very high level of sustainability responsibility in this project, which was very complex and quite technical. Coordinating the various workers in different professions and just the sheer number of people at the site was also a major challenge. The breadth of this project was exciting too, requiring total control during all stages, since the all parts of the building needed to be linked and cohesive,” explains Clara Jönsson.

JSB was the main contractor for construction at the new Mörrum School, on behalf of the client, Karlshamn Municipality. The project also obtained Miljöbyggnad Certification, Silver level (a system set up by Sweden Green Building).

“We have a great deal of experience with these types of projects and have worked successfully with this customer before” she says.

Following the completion of this project, Elinstallationer i Karlshamn was contracted for more assignments, including electrical installations at the school's sports centre, which will be completed in 2024.

Mörrum school
Mörrum school, which was inaugurated on 17 August 2022, is focused on a sustainable, healthy work environment for both students and teachers. It can accommodate around 500 students, from grades 0-6, with a total area of 8,000 sq. m. and six linked, two-story buildings. It was designed without any hallways and much emphasis on sustainability and everything designed from the child’s perspective.

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