Specialists in solar energy and energy storage

The Instalco company, Vallacom in Linköping, is a pioneer in solar cells and electric car charging. It also has specialist expertise in energy storage, lighting and control systems. Vallacom is able to use its cumulative knowledge to offer optimal solutions to its customers.

They have also assisted many other companies in the Instalco Group with technical support and sharing their vast installation knowledge.

“We've also set up a solar energy technology group that facilitates knowledge-sharing and best practice among companies in the Group. It will help us avoid less successful ways of working,” explains Peter Andersson, CEO at Vallacom.

The Group is still in the early stages of getting set up. The idea is for Vallacom to, from time to time, invite all of Instalco's electrical companies to seminars, where presentations and discussions on the latest in solar energy technology will be offered. Peter ­Andersson has noticed that there is much interest in this.

Vallacom gathers assemblers from other Instalco companies to show them, in detail, how to best install a photovoltaic system.

One of the challenges, he says, is finding the most sustainable solutions for the customer, particularly when it comes to solar energy. It also applies to the best ways of charging electric vehicles.

“Because we have all the expertise on photovoltaic systems, energy storage, electric car charging, lighting and control systems in house, we are able to custom-design optimal, sustainable solutions for our customers. Energy efficiency and lower energy consumption is good for the bottom line. And, to make things easier for the customers and give them an overview of the investment, we always offer a lifecycle analysis over at least ten years. Our proposal might be an expensive investment on day one, but over time, it is more sustainable and substantially cheaper,” he says.

Over the last few years, Peter Andersson has noticed that the demand for everything that can reduce energy costs has significantly increased.

“Solar cells and energy storage are highly sought after today. One of the things we noticed with the demand is that customers are increasingly looking at the overall picture at their facilities. Before, they were focusing more on getting their photovoltaic systems installed and starting to produce electricity. But now, customers are showing greater interest in how to use the systems, and eventually store their electricity. Those who have an electricity agreement with hourly rates can adapt their usage to the hours when electricity is cheapest. They can also charge their car or energy batteries at such times,” he says.

Higher demand also brings more competitors onto the scene. Peter Andersson says that there are many companies right now installing photo­voltaic systems who have very little experience in the area.

“We put a lot of effort into showing customers how we work and the advantages of choosing an experienced company with a track record, high level of expertise and stable ownership structure. Because the pay-off and warranty periods are long, these are very important aspects for the customer to consider,” he says.

Vallacom has many framework and partnering agreements with municipal companies, property owners and housing cooperatives. It also does work for private individuals, which is primarily energy storage and electric car charging.

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