Photo: Åkerblads.

Successful renovation thanks to early involvement

With the expansion of the historic property, Åkerblads Gästgiveri in Tällberg, careful renovation and installations were required to preserve the unique environment. The key to success was for Instalco’s technical consultants at Intec to get involved in the early stages, with responsibility for design and coordination of the installation work.

Åkerblads Gästgiveri, Hotel & Spa in Tällberg, situated in Dalarna, Sweden, is a family-owned business dating back to the 1400s. It is currently being run by the 19th-22nd generations of the Åkerblad family and it is the oldest farm in Tällberg. At such an important historical and cultural site as this, extra care was needed when tackling the job of expanding its spa premises with an outdoor pool, winter garden and a new relaxation area.

“For us, the challenge was to preserve the feel and appearance of this important cultural landmark, while off ering its visitors a modern experience. It will also still be open and operating the whole time, which requires major adaptations and completing the work in stages,” says Ronny Tenggren, Project Manager at Intec.

Intec is responsible for designing the ventilation, electricity and telecommunications systems, along with coordination of the installation work. The project also includes conversion of the existing heating solution (which relies on oil and electricity) to an external boiler plant for pellets. For this,

Intec helped put together an application for funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to help make the property sustainable from an environmental and cost perspective. “Klimatklivet” is the Swedish EPA’s programme for supporting local and regional investments that reduce emissionsof carbon dioxide and other gases that affect the climate.

“We have a great deal of experience coordinating projects and installation work and our efforts in this project can greatly benefit everyone involved. We are extremely proud to be a part of such a unique project as this,” says Ronny Tenggren.

The project is already underway and is expected to be completed during 2022.

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