Flesberg school is being built in solid wood.

Sustainable construction in solid wood

Interest in new construction of structures in solid wood is steadily increasing. There are many environmental benefits associated with this and several of Instalco's companies in Norway are involved in construction projects of schools in solid wood.

For example, the Instalco company Vito has been contracted for installation of heating, plumbing and ventilation systems at Flesberg School in Lampeland and Vestsiden School in Kongsberg. Essentially all materials used in construction of the schools are solid wood and the local authorities that are funding the projects have a very clear environmental focus.

“The goal of this assignment is to lower the carbon emissions associated with building materials by at least 50 percent. One of the most important tools for doing so is by building the school in solid wood rather than, for example, concrete,” says Vidar Lien, CEO at Vito.

Studies have shown that wood buildings require much lower process energy and result in lower carbon emissions than buildings of other materials such as brick, aluminium, steel and concrete. Wood is also renewable, and it binds carbon dioxide, as well as creating a good indoor environment.

Other major environmental advantages associated with wood buildings include the energy-efficient production process, low weight, low noise level and the good work environment that is created.

The Instalco company, Romerike Elektro, is also involved in wood construction projects. They have been contracted for electrical installation work at Glommasvingen School in Sør-Odal, north of Oslo. The local authorities there also have a clear environmental focus. The school will be a “passive building” with BREEAM certification.

“Wood buildings are not only more environmentally friendly than concrete. They can also be built faster and cleaner. And, it is easier to work with wood compared to many other materials,” says Oskar Brustad Sjølie, CEO at Romerike.

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