Photo: Salabostäder.

Systems for energy optimisation in residential buildings

A large portion of society’s total energy consumption comes from buildings. Instalco’s subsidiary, Automationsbolaget, is working in collaboration with Salabostäder to develop a system for energy optimisation at properties.

Salabostäder is a property company that is making major investments in energy efficiency. The goal is to lower energy use by 30 percent by 2030, in accordance with the SABO Climate Initiative of making Swedish public housing companies fossil-free by then. Automationsbolaget and Salabostäder have thus joined forces to develop a system called SAERS – Salabostäder Automations bolaget Energy Reduce System.

It optimises the indoor climate and energy supply for heating at the properties based on a variety of data about the indoor and outdoor environments. Temperature sensors have been installed in each apartment in order to optimise the energy supply. In addition to that, weather forecasts from SMHI are used for estimating and calculating, in advance, how much energy the buildings will need, before the outdoor temperature changes.

“This technology enables us to use energy that has accumulated within the building, so that we don’t supply more energy than what is needed. We can maintain an even temperature and achieve energy savings by making adjustments prior to radical changes in the weather, such as a rise or drop in temperature or windier conditions,” says Jerry Johansson, CEO at Automationsbolaget.

Automationsbolaget has it head office in Sala and the company specialises in property automation, along with control & regulation technology.

“With the SEARS system, we can optimise heat consumption and increase energy efficiency, while ensuring that all tenants have the right temperature in their apartments,” says Thomas Mattsson, Project and Operations Manager at Salabostäder.

Besides developing the SEARS system, the assignment at Salabostäder also includes installation and commissioning, which will continue during 2020.

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