Henrik Ekgren (DALAB), Hans Berglund (Gävle Elbyggnads) and Johan Larsson (Instalco).

The Instalco company, DALAB acquires Gävle Elbyggnads

The Instalco company, DALAB Sverige AB is strengthening its position in the region of Gästrikland via its acquisition of Gävle Elbyggnads i Gävle AB.

Gävle Elbyggnads offers electrical installations primarily to companies and government administrations. The company was established in 1986 and it has around 15 employees. For the most recent financial year, Gävle Elbyggnads reported sales of approximately SEK 18 million.

“Gävle Elbyggnads has extensive knowledge of the industry and a niche that is a great fit with our operations. The acquisition enables us to strengthen our position and grow our operations in electrical installation in Gävle and the rest of the Gästrikland region,” says Henrik Ekgren, CEO of DALAB.

The company also offers property service, energy efficiency projects and installation of data & telecom networks, as well as control systems. Its customers include Region Gävleborg, Castellum, Gävle municipality, and others.

“Becoming a part of DALAB is a great opportunity for us and together, we will be able to take on more projects, and larger projects. Joining DALAB and the Instalco Group feels like a natural next step for us,” says Hans Berglund, CEO of Gävle Elbyggnads.

DALAB will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Gävle Elbyggnads i Gävle AB as of 23 April 2019.

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