Two Finnish Instalco companies in joint environmental project

LVI-Urakointi Paavola delivers HVAC-solutions to Finnish environmental management company Remeo’s new waste management center in Vantaa. Another Instalco-company, Sähkö-Buumi, is responsible for the electrical installations. The construction work has started in December 2020 and will be finished in June 2021.

Once finished, the waste management center contributes significantly to circular economy in Finland according to Remeo. The center enables increasing the level of material reuse and recycling waste and therefore diminishes the need for transporting building waste outside Finland. The project uses the latest technology and is unique even in European scale.

- We are delighted to be part of this project and doing our share in developing Finnish and European circular economy. Following Instalco’s values we consider sustainability already in planning- and construction phases e.g. in logistics and goods delivery, states Tomi Paavola, the CEO in LVI-Urakointi Paavola.

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