Two Instalco companies in renovation assignment in Östersund

The Instalco companies, RP Montage & Energipartner and TC Kraft have won a joint assignment for installation of the heating & plumbing and electrical installations associated with major renovation work for around 200 apartments in Östersund. They have been engaged by NCC for this assignment, where the end customer is Östersundshem. The order value is approximately SEK 50 million.

“We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with NCC and Östersundshem and that we are two Instalco companies that have been selected for one of Jämtland’s major ROT (tax deduction) renovation projects. By working together, we can offer installation of the heating & plumbing and electrical installations in a very effective way,” says Andreas Thors, CEO at RP Montage & Energipartner.

The block of buildings known as Hjorten in Östersund consists of 192 apartments situated in 8 buildings that will now be renovated. Hjorten is part of a major ROT renovation project for Östersundshem.

Complete replacement
The electrical contract includes a complete replacement of the electrical system and data network, from central power stations all the way to new luminaires. Each apartment will be rebuilt from 1-phase to 3-phase electrical systems. The heating and plumbing work is comprehensive, involving replacement of the complete heating system including tap and sewer pipes as well as installation of sinks, toilets, and showers in the apartments.

“Our goal is to create a more even indoor climate by doing such things as lowering the average indoor temperature by 1.5 °C. Because of their design, there are many challenges associated with these buildings from the 1950s. The property owner’s ambition is, to the greatest extent possible, reset the need for maintenance to zero,” explains Andreas Thors.

“For our part, there are a lot of different small steps that have to be carried out in each apartment. Therefore, careful planning is required the get nice flow in the production in a later stage. Coordination with other contractors will be important and therefore we are happy to have our sister company RP Montage responsible for heating and plumbing, says Tobias Östlin, CEO of TC Kraft.

The work is expected to start in August, with completion by the end of 2025. The goal is to execute and certify the project as a Sustainable Instalco Project.

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