Two Instalco companies win contract for joint project in Helsinki

The Instalco companies, LVI-Urakointi Paavola and Twinputki in Finland have won a contract to collaborate on the heating & plumbing and sprinkler systems in conjunction with the expansion of a shopping centre in Helsinki.

The order value of approximately SEK 50 million is for work that will be done in conjunction with the expansion of Lippulaiva Shopping Centre in Esbo, near Helsinki. The client is Skanska, working on behalf of the end customer, Citycon, which owns, develops, and manages shopping centres and other retail properties in the Nordic countries.

“This project is important in many ways. It indicates, for example that the market for new investments in Helsinki is strong. It also demonstrates how well collaboration between our Instalco subsidiaries in Finland is working,” says Robin Boheman, CFO at Instalco.

Lippulaiva Shopping Centre is situated in the rapidly growing area of Espoonlahti. At that site, an entirely new, modern, and urban shopping centre, double the size of the existing one, is being built. It will house 80 stores, with access to both the bus and subway systems.

LVI-Urakointi Paavola and Twinputki are two of the twelve subsidiaries in total that Instalco has in Finland. LVI-Urakointi Paavola specialises in heating & plumbing installations and Twinputki specialises in sprinkler systems. For both companies, their main market is Helsinki.

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