ULT has full focus on service

The majority of Instalco’s services is technical installations of electrical, heating & plumbing and ventilation systems, run in the form of projects. A smaller portion is service and the Instalco company, Uudenmaan Lämpötekniikka (ULT) is a good example of that.

Serving the Helsinki region, it is fully focused on service of heating & plumbing systems, primarily maintenance at residential properties. Its main customers are construction companies, property owners, housing cooperatives and the public sector.

“We have chosen to specialise in service and we have a system that includes the customer such that we can collaborate closely and efficiently with them,” says Riku Dahlström, acting CEO at ULT.

ULT has developed a digital system whereby customers submit work orders electronically. The orders are transferred to ULT’s business system and then allocated by service managers to the service technicians. Once the work has been completed, the invoices are generated electronically based on information that has been logged by the service technicians.

“Everything is done electronically vial our business system, which we use to manage orders, for invoicing, inventory management and purchasing. We have assurance that everything gets invoiced thanks to the mobile app that our pipe assemblers use for inputting data in real time,” he says.

The most common types of service assignments are for pipe leakage, clogged drains or to investigate low indoor temperature at residential properties.

“We have an extensive experience in heating and plumbing and are proud of the excellent reputation we and our service system have with customers, as well as the great atmosphere here at the company,” says Riku.

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